Hey Hey! Welcome to adventure fit!

Here’s a little backstory on who I am. I moved to Colorado back in 2013 because I knew it was the gateway to the west, and people who love adventure lived here. I wasn’t wrong. Over the past several years I have spent countless hours on the trails all around the western US. I’ve run marathons, hiked 14ers, mountain biked well known trails in Moab and climbed in places like Shelf Rd and Clear Creek Canyon.

Now, I want to help you do the same!

I’ve always been interested in fitness from a young age. I enjoyed playing a variety of sports when I was young. When you play team sports, you practice. When you sign up for a marathon, you need to practice. But without a coach to guide you and help you make a plan, are you making sure to train effectively?

In 2015 I was training to run my first 50k race in Squamish, BC. That year I ran a marathon in Leadville, and I thought I trained really well. But at the race in Squamish I was about 10 miles from the finish and my legs were killing me.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I had torn my hip flexor during the race. It wasn’t a huge tear but was enough to end my running career for the next few years while I tried to rehab with my physical therapist and then on my own with a fitness program focused on strengthening my glutes and my core.

I became fitness obsessed. In the journey to fix myself, I fell in love with working out everyday and becoming stronger. I realized that there is more to training for any event then just doing the thing itself. We must strengthen all of those little tiny muscles that we don’t always realize are working just as hard to balance out the big muscles doing most of the work.



My clients are typically outdoor enthusiasts who have dealt with injuries in the past, or are very interested in preventing injuries. My focus is on bringing mobility and stability training into your current routine.

We’ll focus on creating a mobility routine that goes along with your current training to help correct any postural or misalignments from wreaking havoc on your favorite activities.

I create generic plans that anyone can purchase that are focused on a specific sport, or I do one on one packages if you want a more customized experience.

First we will focus on mindset. You have to buy in to why these stretches and exercises are going to help prevent issues. This isn’t an overnight solution to pain. It’s hours of hard work and dedication to achieve your goal.

Then we’ll look at your current exercise routine and make some tweaks and changes to optimize your training plan.

All of my clients keep a log of their exercise and we check in during the one on one program to make sure you’re staying on track.

I love working with clients who are motivated to make a change in their routine and need help with how and what to do.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with me, click the button below.