5 Ways to Make Sure You Get Up Off Your Ass and Workout


Before I started this fitness journey, I didn’t have a solid exercise routine. Sure, I would go out hard on the weekends, hiking, running, backcountry skiing, maybe road biking to work occasionally, or skinning up the ski mountain before work. But never with any consistency.

And then I wondered why I wasn’t consistently getting stronger in my outdoor pursuits. Why do I always feel like I’m hitting a plateau?


I also would tell myself that I didn’t have enough time to workout during the week. I’m too busy with work was my most common excuse. Meanwhile, I’m scrolling social media for an hour in the morning and watching Netflix into the late evening hours.

I also always felt like going hard on the weekends justified not cross training during the week. I learned a tough lesson that I think too many runners learn. I injured my hip flexor, in fact a I tore it.

I went to PT and was given exercises to do, but they were so boring and I couldn’t find the motivation to do them. I made the same excuses but on the inside I was beginning to get so mad at myself for not just sucking it up and doing the work.

So in the middle of pity party for myself last year, after trying and failing at programs like Fitbit Coach or Sweat with Kayla because of the lack of accountability I had for myself, a friend from high school reached out and told me about this awesome program she had been doing and had really good results with for weight loss, but also just for becoming a badass strong woman!

At this point I was down to try anything that might fix my hip issue so I jumped in! I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I was trying to build muscle, specifically in my core and glutes. The program was focused on core and glutes so I signed up without thinking too much about it.

The next issue that arose was this time factor. Where was I going to fit in a 45-60 minute exercise routine everyday. I mean c’mon I am too busy scrolling social media and watching netflix at night.

I decided to do some self discovery work of where I was spending all my time and where I could fit in more time for myself. Here is what I found that has been very successful for fitting in an exercise routine into my busy day.

Wake Up Earlier/Go to Sleep Earlier

By far this was the number one thing I did to make more time. In order to wake up earlier without feeling groggy, you do in fact have to go to bed earlier. So I changed my normal going to bed time from 10:30 to 9:30.

Now I don’t always fall asleep at 9:30 but I try to be in my bed by 9:30 at least. I used to wake up at 7 everyday, now I am up by 5:30 most mornings.

I also put my phone across the room so I have to actually get up to turn the alarm off, and that way I don’t lay in bed in scroll anymore.

Reduce your Screen Time

Seriously, how much time do you actually spend on your phone, watching tv, playing video games, watching sports. Whatever it is, these days we’re all on our screens way too much.

I used my screen time app on my iPhone to track how much time I spent on my phone and it was staggering.

Now I set aside specific time for social media, and only have a select few TV shows that I enjoy watching but I do not watch tv every night anymore.

Workout in the Morning


Now I will be honest, I don’t always work out FIRST thing in the morning, but I always workout in the morning before going to work.

I do this because even if the rest of the day goes to hell, you know you accomplished one thing, which usually makes the rest of the day go smoother as well.

Endorphins from exercising are a real thing! I feel more productive the rest of the day after a morning workout.

Walk the Dog

If you don’t have a dog, then borrow someone else’s. This is always been a motivating factor for me.

Even if I don’t feel like working out, or it’s been a tough day, I look down at my dog, Shea and she wants to go on a walk no matter the weather conditions or how the day went.

And I find joy in taking her out, knowing that she is having a great time. Walking is also a great habit if you’re just getting started with an exercise routine.


Find someone close to you like a friend, coworker, significant other who also wants to be more active. Sign up for a fitness class or monthly challenge.

Challenge each other and hold each other accountable to your goals. Doing hard stuff with a friend always makes it easier, and more enjoyable.

I have found that gamifying a workout routine by keeping track in a journal or log, writing down stats, etc. makes me more excited to stick with it!

I hope you found this list helpful. These are things that have helped me to nail down a routine that has stuck with me. When any of these pieces are missing, I certainly will find myself being lazier or finding excuses. But when I am on point with these things, I consistently work out and feel good, everyday.

fitnessChelsea Coye