Two of the Best Dog Friendly Hikes in Moab

Last week Matt and I went down to Moab to escape the snow and enjoy some desert sunshine. We only had two days off from work, so it had to be a quick trip. We left the house at 5:30am on Monday and were back Tuesday by 8pm.

We LOVE bringing Shea with us anytime we go on outdoor adventures and so it wasn’t even a discussion about going into any of the national parks.

Before we left the house I was already searching for some hiking trails that allowed dogs. Matt and I have hiked and mountain biked in with Shea in the area in the past, but we wanted to go somewhere new.

Jeep Arch (hiking only, no vehicles or bikes allowed)

The first hike I found was called Jeep Arch. It’s just past the very busy Corona Arch trail (also dog friendly), and there is no sign, just a dirt pull off.

To get to the trail you have to walk through a tall culvert that leads you under the railroad tracks and into a large wash.

Then you take a hard left up a little hill to get onto the canyon rim.

The hike to the arch is just over 2 miles and you are walking on slick rock for the majority of it.

The trail has no markings but you can follow it by following the many cairns. It’s easy to get off route but if you continue on the canyon rim, it’s relatively straightforward.

After a mile or so, you will come to split in the trail with a sign that says “Loop”. You can go either way, we chose to go left and up past some rock climbers on a tall tower.

Jeep Arch was another half mile past the tower. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was nice to hang out in the shade of the arch for a bit.

We ate lunch and continued past the arch back to the loop sign, and back to the car.

We had to stop in the shade several times for Shea, since the sun was hot and she’s a black dog with a ton of fur.

Be aware that this hike would probably not be great for dogs April - September because it’s too hot and the slickrock can burn their feet. There is no water on this trail either, so make sure to carry plenty for you and your dog!

Mill Creek Falls


After a night of beautiful warm camping we got breakfast at the Love Muffin Cafe (seriously the best breakfast place ever). And looked up another hike.

Mill Creek Falls is a SUPER popular place in the summertime because unlike most of Moab there is cool water and a beautiful spot to swim in a large pool with a waterfall.

In March, the water is still cold, and the air not quite warm enough yet, so we were simply out for a hike.

To get there you drive south past the main part of town and turn into a locals neighborhood that leads to a small parking lot for the falls.

There were a few other cars in the lot when we arrived but most of the day we had the place to ourselves again, which was super unexpected.

There is a man made dam right next to the parking lot, that has a pretty waterfall and you will continue past this and over some slickrock alongside of the creek for a little while.

You do have to cross the creek several times to get to the waterfall. We chose to take off our shoes to cross on the way through and on the way back we just walked through it knowing we were close to the car.

The waterfall was a beautiful little spot to hang out for a few minutes, but our plan was to continue on past it further into the canyon.

We stayed on the left side of the canyon in the sunshine, since the shade was actually kind of cold until reached an area that sent us back down towards the creek.

We stopped and ate lunch on the rim and took in the sights.


We followed the creek for a little while until we reached another small water cascade that there was no way around except to plunge in up to our hips.

Matt somehow found a way around on the rim, but Shea and I decided to jump in and go for it.

After some mishaps in the deep water we made it over. We only ended up hiking a little bit further and back into the creek we went while Matt climbed around again.

On the way back we saw several more people and were happy to take off our wet shoes, grab some dinner and hit the road to go home.

This hike is definitely dog friendly with plenty of places for them to cool off in the creek and stay in the shade if it’s hot. I would still recommend bringing water for them to drink as apparently they have found uranium in the water of the creek.

If you’ve never been to Moab, I highly recommend it!! It’s a western outdoor living paradise, with everything from hiking, biking, off roading, rafting, swimming, climbing. It literally has everything.

We try to escape to Moab every spring because it’s only 4 hours from us, and gets sunny and warm way before the snow melts around here.

If you need any tips on where to camp or restaurants to visit, feel free to reach out! I love to share about my favorite places.