5 Best Apps for Exercise and Nutrition Tracking


As a society, we spend a ton of time on our phones and tablets. Over the past several years, apps have been getting better and better, and new apps come on the market everyday.

The apps I have listed below are a few gems in the health and fitness category that I use almost every day and really enjoy.


By far my favorite app of all time is Fitbit. It’s accepted on almost every device and you have a range of options from just using the app itself to track, to any of their watches ranging from $70 to $270.

Depending on the style of watch you have, their watches track steps, flights of stairs, heart rate, hours active, calories, sleep and exercise.

Their more expensive watches will also track GPS of runs/hikes, swimming, temperature, weather and altitude. You can also load on different watch faces, bands, music and apps.

I track all of my workouts on Fitbit because it has a plethora of stats and the app itself free to use.

Fitbit is great for all ages and abilities. From Grandma’s tracking steps to athlete tracking is all possible and easy on this app.



I started using Strava when I used to road bike a lot. It is definitely geared towards cyclists but is also great for hiking and trail running.

Strava tracks most of what Fitbit does, and if you pay for Strava Summit you can dive really deep into those stats and look at things like pace zones, set goals, personal heat maps, etc.

A cool feature of this app that is great for motivation are the segments. Anyone can set a segment, which would be like a big hill climb on your favorite trail, or your commute from home to work. Then you can race against your own personal best and with anyone else in your community on Strava.

I love this feature because it motivates me to run or bike faster to try and beat my own and my friend’s times. Anything that gamifies working out is exciting and fun, and I highly recommend it.

I have my Fitbit Ionic linked with Strava so that all of my GPS and heart rate data is transferred to Strava, so I use both of these apps regularly.

Beachbody Nutrition+

If you are using any Beachbody programs like Ultimate Portion Fix, 21 Day Fix or Timed Nutrition then this app is awesome for tracking your containers, water, shakeology, etc.

You can watch the Ultimate Portion Fix videos on the app, get the master coach certification, and watch the Fixate cooking show.

The container tracking is super basic, just a tap for each count of container, water or shakes. You can also add photos.

This app is the easiest way to track your containers if you are on a Beachbody program.

My Fitness Pal

If you are not on a beachbody program, then My Fitness Pal is the best nutrition tracking program out there.

My Fitness Pal is owned by Under Armor and tracks exercise and food. I have never used it to track exercise, but I used to use it to track my calories.

If you are into tracking your calorie intake, then this app is awesome. You can type in any food, choose the amount and it will tell you how many calories each meal is.

You can also track water intake and write down any food notes for the day.

Beachbody on Demand

If you are looking for a library of workout programs, there is no better app then Beachbody on Demand. With over 700 workout videos, two nutrition programs and free coaching, there is something for everyone.

Beachbody has been in the exercise program game since before smartphones even existed. The workouts are top notch with everything from high intensity interval training to strength training with weights, to yoga and pilates.

I absolutely love Beachbody’s programs. The culture and community of Beachbody is super cool and unlike any other workout programs. You get a REAL live coach, who works with you on accountability, support, answers any questions and will typically invite you to join a group where other people are posting about their workouts too.

Bonus: 10% Happier

One more bonus app. This one is not a fitness or nutrition app, but it is for sure a self care/wellness app. 10% Happier is a meditation app “for fidgety skeptics” is there tag line.

And I’d have to agree. If meditation is something you’d like to try, but other apps have left you feeling less than excited about it. Give this one a try.

There is a huge library of guided meditations, with different teachers so you can choose whose style you like best.

This app isn’t just guided meditation though, it actually teaches you how to meditate and how to not try too hard.

It also tracks your meditation practice on the app and counts a streak for you, again gamifying the practice to keep you motivated.

This app is pricey, but I found it was worth every penny of my sanity. I am naturally anxious and can easily get stressed out, but doing this meditations regularly keeps my mind in check.

There you have it. My six favorite wellness tracking apps! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d also love to hear in the comments below what your favorite wellness apps are!