How to Kick Your Own Ass into Shape

Do you struggle to stay in shape? Have you tried all of the things and you gain and lose, gain and lose, constantly?

Fad diets/workouts, are just that, they come and go just like the weight you’ve been trying to keep off, or the muscle you’ve been working to keep on. They are fads, and they don’t last forever.

Want to know the secret to long lasting success for losing weight and staying toned?

HARD WORK. Consistency. Doing the tough stuff.


Bet you didn’t expect me to say that? :) But unfortunately it is true. If we could all just snap our fingers and be fit, wouldn’t we all be?

So here’s the thing. You have to really WANT it. You have to be so ready for change, that it aches in your bones. If you only kind of, sort of want to change your health, it’s not going to happen.

People are always surprised that I get up early everyday and workout, no excuses, I just do it. It is a priority for me, after having my health completely stripped away from me for several months, I’ve learned how valuable it is. I crave health because then I’m not worried or stressed about my cancer coming back.

Although it helped me get my shit together, you don’t have to have a serious health concern to whoop your own ass into shape. But you do have to find something that motivates you. Maybe it’s a picture of you in your 20s in a bikini, or maybe you’re training for a race, or to hike a big mountain.

Put a picture, love note or something to remind you every day what your goals are. Write your goals down weekly or even daily. Put them in the forefront of your mind. And then don’t take any excuses from yourself. Every time you feel like quitting or not working out or eating right, look at that picture and remind yourself why.

None of this easy. Like I said, you have to WANT it. You have to really really REALLY want it and believe that you can get there.

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” - Confucius