Don't Have Time? 9 Delicious Ideas for Quick Meals

Are you always rushing from one place to the next? Or screaming in at dinner time trying to get something on the table? I get it. These meals are ideas are tried and true. They are my typical go to’s for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Quinoa + Veggies

This is a great option if you need to use up whatever you have in the fridge. Typically I will turn the rice maker on with quinoa and veggie broth, while I prep and cook the veggies.

For veggies I just make a stir fry with whatever is in the fridge. Typically, something like onions, garlic, bell peppers, zucchini, and broccoli.

Saute veggies in oil and add a little of your favorite spice like italian seasoning or a spicy chili powder.

Total time: 30 minutes


Homemade Pizza

Along the same lines as the quinoa/veggies, homemade pizza is an easy, use whatever’s in the fridge kind of meal. We buy the premade dough and either put it in the freezer until a couple days before we plan to use it, or keep it in the fridge if we’re using it soon.

You can put anything on pizza. Seriously. We have made all kinds of creations depending on what we have.

My go tos are BBQ chicken + broccoli with frank’s or cholula as the base, or an olive oil/garlic base with sauteed greens on top. The possibilities are endless.

Total time: 30 Minutes


Who doesn’t like tacos? I would hardly trust you if you said you didn’t. Tacos are such an easy meal to whip together. I always make sure we have some fixings in the fridge for them like tempeh or chicken, chili powder and cumin, onions, peppers, cheese, sour cream and an avocado if I’m lucky. And of course tortillas, although burrito bowls are good too.

Saute the protein with onions and peppers and some mexican spices. Then throw it all together into a taco shell and add a little lime if you have one hanging around.

Total time: 20 minutes

Instant Pot Chili

If you LOVE quick meals as much as I do, you need to get an instant pot. It’s essentially a pressure cooker, but being able to set time, and understand the pressure function better is really helpful if you’re terrified of blowing your house up.

Chili is amazingly delicious, but typically takes a long time for flavors to melt together well. The instant pot takes care of that in 15 minutes or less.

Throw some onions, peppers, garlic, beans, tomatoes or tomato sauce, maybe some chicken or some quinoa and fire it up. So easy and so delicious. Bonus points if you have some cornbread to whip up too.

Total time: 15 minutes


Shake for Breakfast

Mornings are tough. I feel like I never leave myself enough time to eat a good breakfast and get out the door. If I’m lucky my husband cooks breakfast for me. But most mornings it’s a grab and go situation.

Smoothies or shakes are such an easy solution. My favorite is Shakeology with a handful of spinach, berries and coconut milk. It’s more filling then a smoothie and tastes delicious. But if I’m going with a smoothie then spinach, apple, banana, almond butter, frozen mango and soy milk.

Get your dose of nutrients on your way out the door!

Total time: 5 minutes

Crock Pot Dinner or Lunch

This idea takes some pre planning but it’s always worth it. Pick your favorite crock pot recipe and make it the night before, cook overnight and you have lunch or dinner the following day! This also works for making something in the morning and letting it cook all day.

I like to use my crock pot in the winter months to cook toasty soups to warm me up when I get home from a long day skiing.

Total time: 15-30 minutes prep, 6-8 hours cooking time


The king of quick meals, is definitely leftovers. The best way to ensure you always have leftovers for lunch or a quick dinner is to always make extra food. Double every recipe, add a little extra everything.

Total time: 2 minutes


Gourmet Mac N Cheese

Everyone knows that a box of mac n cheese is easy. But certainly not very healthy. If you’re in a pinch though, you can dress up your Annies mac with protein and veggies. Add half a block of tempeh or shredded chicken, frozen butternut squash cubes or broccoli to get some nutrients.

Total time: 30 minutes