9 Ways to Turn Your Boring Workout into Playful Fun!


Are you less than excited to workout? Do you wish you had more motivation to exercise? I hear you!

Let’s be real, no one really WANTS to hit the gym. We do it because we want to look good and feel good. The RESULTS is what it’s all about. But what if there was a different way? What if the actual workout itself was FUN? Wouldn’t that be more motivating?


Think back to when you were kid, your parents probably had to beg you to stop playing and come in for dinner. The best part of school was recess where you ran around with your friends on the playground. After school you might have played basketball or soccer, or rode your bike around town with your friends.

In the winter maybe you went sledding or were a part of ski club. Snowball fights and building snow caves were fun too. Being active was a part of life.

Who decided that when you became an adult, exercise had to be boring? When did play get replaced by treadmills, dumbbells and yoga mats? Don’t get me wrong, I think most exercise equipment has a time and place but let’s rethink the concept of play and what it can do for us even as adults.

But how do you incorporate more play into your life? It probably sounds awkward to go swing on the monkey bars at the playground with the neighborhood kids. Not that you couldn’t go play on the monkey bars, but here are 9 ideas on how to incorporate play into your fitness routine:

1. Sign up for an adult sports league

In most areas you can find adult sports leagues for softball, volleyball, kickball, soccer, etc. Check with your local gym/recreation center to see what the offer. These kind of sports are a full body workout and the time will fly by so fast while you’re laughing and having fun with your teammates. Sometimes they even have beer leagues where you can have a tasty beverage while you play.


2. Learn an outdoor sport

Outdoor sports like skiing, rock climbing, cycling, SUP, etc. are fun ways to challenge your body and have a good time with friends. You’ll learn to use your body in different ways to grow your skills and become better at the sport which will help you to enjoy it even more.

3. Dance!

Dancing is such great exercise. Find a concert, or go out and have a drink with friends at a club/bar and just move your body. You could also sign up for a dance class at a local studio, adult hip hop is super fun!

4. Get Competitive!

Sign up for a race, hold a handstand competition with your friends, get on Strava and get king/queen of the mountain and try to hold the best time against your peers. A little friendly competition is a great way to have time time fly by while you’re getting a workout in.

5. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a super fun way to get out and hike/explore, especially if you have kids who need to get out too! Download the app and find the treasure on popular trails in your area. By gamifying your hike you might find that you’ll walk even further than planned just to get one more cache!

6. Have fun with different props

Grab a jump rope, balance board, skipbo, tennis balls, foam rollers and use them in whatever way feels fun. Play with a partner by passing a tennis ball back and forth while balancing on a foam roller, or try to do squats while on a balance board. Do something out of the ordinary with ordinary equipment.

7. Create an obstacle course

Using different equipment or random things you have laying around your house or yard, create an obstacle course and invite some friends over. See who can get through it the fastest and then change it up and try it backwards. The possibilities are endless and so much fun!


8. Sign up for a fun race

Sign up for a tough mudder, color run or spartan race. They even have wife carrying competitions in some places! Turkey trots, santa races, etc. Something that will make you laugh while you’re out there.

9. Find a fitness facility or class that incorporates play into the routine

Crossfit, aerial yoga, orangetheory, gymnastics gyms, rock gyms, etc are all good places to start. You can also have fun at home, so if you don’t have a gym close by, make your own! Buy a few pieces of equipment and have fun with it. If you’re in the Summit County area, come play with us at Live Harder Wellness in Dillon.